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Compare Kindle Latest Generation Models for 2013

The latest generation Kindle is the best selling ebook reader on the market today.

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If you already own a 2nd generation Kindle reader and think an upgrade to the Kindle 3 is right for you, see our Kindle comparison here below.

The first thing you see when you compare the 2nd generation Kindle reader to the 3rd generation Kindle 2010 models is double the memory storage--up to 3,500 average books can be stored. The latest generation Kindle offers 20% faster page turning, and one of the big differences is the physical size of the new 6-inch screen models. The newest models are 21% smaller in physical size, yet still maintain the same 6-inch screen. This also makes it 15% lighter than 2nd generation 6-inch screen models, weighing in at just 8.7 ounces.

Another feature of the newest generation models is that they are all equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, although the 2nd generation models already feature a free 3G internet connection.

One major difference of the new Kindle 2013 models is the screen contrast; it has been improved 50% and offers crisper, more defined fonts. These improvements greatly reduce glare so reading in bright sunlight is not a problem.

When you compare Kindle prices of the newest 2013 models, you will also find a significant price drop.

Compare Kindle Reader Latest Generation Models: Wi-Fi - 3G - DX

Small in price, yet huge on features is the new starter 201 Kindle Wi-Fi model. Smaller in overall size, but still packing the same 6-inch screen. This Amazon Kindle reader also doubles as a pdf reader. Able to download books at any hotspot including many free AT&T hotspots. 

Internet connection is not required to read ebooks already downloaded to your Kindle, it is only need to download new ebooks from

Find more information and details on this website see compare Kindle Wi-Fi

The next step up in models is the Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi. Almost identical to the Wi-Fi model, it has the extra feature of connecting to Amazon through free 3G internet connections globally. This can be a big advantage in rural areas where there are no internet hotspots available.

More details on this model can be found here at compare Kindle 3G ever need to know about Kindle use the learn more button in the top corner of this page.

The biggest Kindle reader available is the Kindle DX. This model has a huge 9.7 inch screen. The DX features are very similar to the 3G model aside from the larger physical and screen size.

This model can be helpful for anyone wanting a larger viewing area or for senior citizens. See in depth info, including a huge price reduction, at compare Kindle DX

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